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Hellfire and Stone is a mini campaign originally written for the first edition of Mantic's Kings of War. Within our gaming group we're currently still in our official period of mourning for the Old World, and the travesty that GW have inflicted upon us. With this in mind, my Uncle and I have transplanted it to the Old World. 






The War of the Quartz Sceptre


 Millenia ago, at the zenith of the mighty Dwarven Empire and before the Time of Woe, the Dwarven peoples were pushing the boundaries of their realms ever further. To all points of the compass great caravans of explorers, prospectors and traders went, establishing hold and mine as they went. Some time in this golden past, a Kindred reached the uplands of the Worlds Edge Mountains, called in their tongue Zorn Uzkul or the Great Skull Land. 

Here the host was divided. A shadow lay even then upon the north of the world, and many feared to push into these savage lands far from the great Karaks. Those who feared turned back, or went west further into the mountains to sink more mines into the roots of the world. Still others scoffed at this afront to the already infamous Dwarven pride, and began a trek to the West, disappearing into the Dark Lands...

It is impossible to know exactly when the Eastern Kindred became twisted and warped by the evil of Chaos, yet these otherwise implaccable Dwarfs succumbed to their own pride, becoming arrogant, evil and utterly self-serving. The great Ziggurat of Zharr-Naggrund reared into the blasted sky, a collosal temple city dedicated to a new dark god; Hashut, Father of Darkness.


As the Eastern Dwarfs were twisted into mockeries of Dwarven ideals, so too did the greatest empire of the Dwarfs fracture and divide. And it was during this dark time that the Runesmiths divised many great and terrible artefacts of power. Many would pass into Legend as the Arms of Heroes, or great Constructs wrecking havoc among the enemies falling upon this proud race. One, however, was to become a secret of incredible power, an unforgivable shame.

The Quartz Sceptre was conceived as an artefact to sustain the might of the Dwarfs. This arcane Rod commanded unswerving loyalty in all within its power and debilitating terror to enemies of the bearer. But this loyalty came with a terrible price, as any with absolute power learn to cherish it, and covet it. To hoard it... The Sceptre fostered jealousy in the heart of the great King, and resentment grew in the sons held in his thrall til the Hold could take no more. The Sceptre exacted its toll in an explosion of anger, tearing the hold asunder as brother fought brother, bloodshed ruling one terrible night. As the last of his warriors bled out at his Hearth the great King sealed himself in his treasury, in the deepest vault, to die with his prize...


Scenario One: Skirmish at Black Thunder Mine