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Scenario One: Skirmish at Black Thunder Mine

 The Quartz Sceptre has passed out of memory since the ruin of the old King's Hold. In the millennia since it's creation the once mighty empire of the Dwarves has been shattered, beset on all sides by fell enemies. From below, in the darkest places of the world surge forth vile children of the Horned Rat. The caves and ravines of the World's Edge pour greenskins into the old mines and holds faster than ever before, choking the undercities with filth and war and sacking every corner. And from across the seas the Elves, once trusted allies, return to the Old World in search of ancient treasures believed stolen in spite.

As the world again begins to shift and buckle under the onslought of the Winds of Chaos from the north, whispers have begun to stir once more. Rumours of a cursed hold abound, a hold thought lost to the world now revealed as the land splits and reshapes. And in the fell Ziggurat of the Chaos Dwarves, there is one who heeds the words.

Arhak Soulbinder would be a pariah in Zharr Nahgrund, if not for the ruthlessness with which he gathers power to himself. Arhak was not a member of the original Eastern Kindred, nor is he a descendant. Almost uniquely, Arhak Soulbinder was brought low by his own unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Once a promising Engineer, Arhak was outcast from his Hold or refusing to heed the word of his Guildmaster. Though Dwarves are renowned throughout the world as incredible craftsmen, and among the finest magical artificers, the fusion of magic and engineering is forbidden. Arhak chafed at his restriction, and began to experiment upon himself, beginning to replace parts of his own body with magical prosthesis.

Alas, the innate resistance of Dwarven physiology to magic wrought a change upon his body and began to slowly calcify his limbs. The discovery of his transformation resulted in exile, and the abandonment of his old Gods. Cast into thenwild, Arhak began to foster hatenfor his very people, a hatred that Hashut fanned and wrought into a new, terrible shape. When Arhak at last reached Zharr Naggrund,he was changed. The further use of magic had petrified his entire lower body and left arm, and his first action upon taking residence in the Temple-city was to replace these with a set of mechanical and spiderlike legs, and a horrific piston driven claw. His apotheosis complete, Arhak next brought news to tyhe Masters of the Ziggurat that the whispers were true.And Athak knew where the Lost Hold lay hidden...





Scenario Two: Ambush at Redblade Ridge